A Course in Creating Effective Health Partnerships

What is evidence-based medicine?  What are the tools that health promotion experts use to positively affect health outcomes?  What are some traps to avoid when creating health promotion campaigns?  What are the hidden realities of health behavior, and how can your health outreach efforts hope to reach those deeply entrenched poor health habits?  Learning how to be an effective health promotion partner to make the most of the hard work you put into health promotion outreach.  When interfacing with healthcare professionals and other health outreach experts, it’s important that we all understand the same basic principles.  As an effective health promotion partner, you are working with health experts to provide the best health outreach to your congregation. A Course in Creating Effective Health Partnerships is designed to help people new to health promotion understand both the basics of health outreach and how to create truly effective health promotion campaigns.  This simple, yet comprehensive 5-module course covers everything from fraud and misinformation, social and behavioral determinants of health, how to create effective health messaging, evidence-based medicine, and practical steps you can take to begin. Enroll today to become an effective health promotion partner!

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